LED Backlit Board with Digital Print

Rs. 4,425.00 Rs. 2,950.00
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Rs. 4,425.00 Rs. 2,950.00
Price Includes GST and Shipping

Product Description - Slim LED Backlit Board 

This is a slim backlit board with LED lighting and a snap on Aluminium Frame. The LED Backlight Board image is digitally printed on a Translite Film in high resolution. This is a replaceable film. Printing is done using high resolution digital eco-solvent printers.

LED backlit boards have the advantage of bright light that is uniformly diffused over the entire image. No patches of lights can be seen on such boards which is usually the problem with conventional backlight boards. 

The LED Backlight boards are also very light and compact at only 10mm thick compared to the conventional backlit boards which are extremely bulky. 

The snap on frame enables easy swapping of different prints within seconds. This can be easily done by a layman user. Replacement films with new prints can be ordered with us at affordable prices by emailing us. 

The board comes with a 6 month warranty for LEDs. 

The power supply is included with the board.

The LED backlit board is meant for internal use only and cannot be used in the open where it would be exposed to rain.

High quality digital printing is included in the price with the LED Backlight Board online. 

Price is inclusive of GST. Shipping is Free across India.

The LED Backlight board is dispatched in 4-5 working days via surface courier.


More Details About This Product

The conventional Back Light Flex Board has a lot of limitations which can be avoided using our LED board. The Back Light Flex board is very thick in depth since it uses conventional tube lighting. It is also not dust and water proof which causes the banner to become dirty inside and the equipment to age faster and develop faults. The flex banner once printed is not replaceble and has to be torn from the backlight flex board. 

In case of the LED backlit board, the printed sheet is never stuck to the board permanently. It is held against the back lighting using clip on edges of the frame and a plastic sheet over it. This way it can be removed in a matter of seconds and replaced with a new design for the LED backlight board.

The Backlit LED board is also very slim and light weight compared to the Back Ligth flex board. It is also completely sealed and does not allow dust into its display. This keeps the display area crisp, bright and clear.

Though sealed, the backlit LED board is not meant for direct exposure to rain or very hot Sun. It needs to be protected from these elements to ensure the electricals are safe and the print does not fade quickly.

Our LED backlight board is packed using hard wood and dispatched to you safely. Due to the nature of this packing, we cannot ship the power supply in the same package as it could damage the board. The power supply is shipped separately to you in a different package. Kindly wait for it before setting up you board.

For sizes larger than those available on our website, kindly contact us via email and we will try to customise the size for you.  

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