LED Backlit Board with Digital Print

Rs. 2,124.00 Rs. 1,416.00
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Rs. 2,124.00 Rs. 1,416.00
Price Includes GST and Shipping

This is a slim backlit board with LED lighting and a snap on Aluminium Frame. The image is digitally printed on a Translite Film in high resolution. This is a replaceable film. Printing is high resolution digital print.

LED boards have the advantage of bright light that is uniformly diffused over the entire image. No patches of lights can be seen on such boards which is usually the problem with conventional backlit boards. 

These are also very light and compact at only 10mm thick compared to the conventional backlit boards which are extremely bulky. 

The snap on frame enables easy swapping of different prints within seconds. This can be easily done by a layman user. Replacement films with new prints can be ordered with us at affordable prices. 

The board comes with a 6 month warranty for LEDs. 

The power supply is included with the board.

This board is meant for internal use only and cannot be used in the open where it would be exposed to rain.

High quality digital printing is included in the price.

Price is inclusive of GST. Shipping is Free across India.

The product is dispatched in 4-5 working days via surface courier.


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