Adjustable Backdrop Stand

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Rs. 4,000.00 Rs. 3,500.00
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Product Description - Backdrop Stand  

The adjustable backdrop stand is a heavy-duty metallic stand for installing banners and backdrops. It can be used in the minimum size configuration of 4ft x 4ft and maximum size configuration of 8ft x 8ft and any size in between. 

You can see how to setup this promotional backdrop stand here.

The adjustable backdrop stand can be easily collapsed and packed in a carry bag provided free with the product. This makes the backdrop stand portable and useful in multiple locations. 

The promotional backdrop stand is a perfect solution for events, exhibitions, road-shows, etc. where installation and removal has to be done quickly and temporarily. 

Price is inclusive of GST. Shipping is Free across India.

The backdrop stand is dispatched in 24-48 hours via surface transport.


More Details About This Product

Our backdrop stand is black in colour and is made up of a combination of metal and plastic parts. The support rods of the adjustable backdrop stand are all metallic and made of powder coated MS while the clamping nuts are made of plastic which hold the rods in fixed position after adjustment of size is done. The adjustable backdrop stand has telescopic rods so that when it is collapsed in shrinks to a manageable size which also makes this backdrop stand portable. The plastic parts are only used to clamp the rods in place and must be handled with care. The plastic screws must never be over tightened. For all the supporting parts of the promotional backdrop stand which bear the weight of the stand and banner, we only use metallic parts. The legs, screws, and support frame are all metallic for the backdrop stand. 

The carrying size of the adjustable backdrop stand is less than 5 feet while the cross section of the backdrop stand is only 4x4 inches once it is packed in the case. 

The weight of the promotional backdrop stand is approximately 8 kg which makes it a very stable product for holding up banners. 

In our blog section you can see step wise images on how to setup the adustable backdrop stand. The illustrations will elaborate the backdrop stand more and give a better idea on how it can be useful for you. 



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