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We understand that designing a template for a product can be complicated over an online platform. We offer a very streamlined process with specific guidelines to help you get the design you need and for us to be able to service your order as fast as possible. This is how the process works. 

Our online customers get free designing assistance for their products. Most of our products need designs to be compatible with large format printing up to a few feet. This cannot be accomplished with small images in low resolution that are only a few inches in size. This causes the final prints to have 'pixelation' which is the blurriness you might see in low resolution images when you zoom in. 

We can help you create the template or design grid for your product where the images stay sharp and do not pixelate irrespective of how big the print is. Such an image is known as a 'Vector Image'. Some common formats for such images are .CDR, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, etc. These are also easy to manage since their memory size is only a few MB in spite of being very large in size. 

Designing is a very expensive and time consuming process, yet we offer it for free to enable our customers to get good prints. This is the first step of the printing process and there cannot be a good print without a good image. However, we only offer design assistance. We do not offer creative designing from scratch. What this means is, that the content needs to be shared by the user along with instructions on what type of design and distribution they require. The content would include textual information, product images if any, graphic images if any, logos, tag lines of the brand, etc. We cannot do branding work for the order such as create a fresh logo or find graphic images of specific products or change the quality or resolution of a small graphic image, etc. For text typed at our end, we only have support for the English language as of now.

Once we have all the data/content from you we collate it into a high resolution vector template based on the instructions and the size required for your product. This is then sent to you for approval in an easy to view file format. Changes can be requested by the users upto 2 times and design modifications can be done. 

Since designing is the slowest part of processing orders and is very time consuming, our design teams work 24x7. Due to this reason, we take instructions on email only. When a designer becomes available the next order in the queue is picked up. At this time instructions should be available for the design to be processed. Due to this reason, instructions cannot be noted/discussed over phone.

The design queue and redesigning works on 'First Come First Serve' basis. For your designing to be completed as fast as possible, it helps if you share exact instructions and as many inputs as possible. This way redesigning can be avoided and your order does not need to wait again in the queue.

Also, the designing is done as per your instructions and you get the option of requesting modifications twice to the design. However, we cannot offer multiple designs for one product and give multiple options to choose from.

These restrictions come so that we can service as many designs as possible without having to make any customer wait too long. 

Each design iteration can take as much as 48 hours to service depending on the volume of orders pending in the queue.

Order proceeds to printing stage only once approval is shared for a design. We share high resolution proof of the design with you so you may save the same for future use.

We also maintain a library of all designs we process. In case you ever need to use a design from a previous order, you can quote the order reference ID and the older design can be retrieved. 

We hope you can benefit from this service and get the best out of your product!




Team Mudraka


Team Mudraka

I wanted the exact same design tent Canonpy- Custom Printed Flex
So will I get it?

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