How To Setup An L Banner Stand

How To Setup An L Banner Stand

An L Banner Stand is a budget standee that is very cost efficient and super light to carry around easily. Setting it up takes only a few seconds and is very easy. However, if you are new to this product and doing it for the first time, it can be a little tricky. Follow the below mentioned steps to get it done in a minute!

1. Make sure you have all the parts as shown in the image below.

L Banner Standee parts


2. To start with, unroll the banner and hold it up. Make sure you are not holding the banner upside down. Now take the 'Part C: Top Clamp Rod' and insert it from the side of the metal rod on the top side of the banner. Make sure you slide it in parallel to the rod to avoid breaking the clamp. 

How to setup an L Banner standee


3. While you slide the clamp, make sure that the slot in the clam is in the correct position for the banner to pass through it, else the banner might tear. Keep sliding the clamp slowly till it is in the center position of the metallic rod. 

 how to setup a budget l banner stand


4. Now we move to the metallic rod on the bottom of the banner. Take the 'Part B: Bottom Weight Rod' with the clamp slot and plastic cylindrical holder facing upward. Remove the black end caps from the bottom metallic rod of the banner. Now insert the clamp of 'Part B' into the metallic rod as shown in the image.

setup the banner for l standee


5. Make sure you keep the slot in the clamp in correct place to avoid tearing the banner. Keep sliding the clamp slowly till it is in the center of the metallic rod. 

easy setup of l banner stand in 1 minute


6. Now take 'Part D: The Support Rod' and hold it such that the thinner side is at the bottom and the thicker side with a hollow slot in it is at the top. Hold the bottom part of 'Part D' firmly and insert it into the plastic cylindrical receiver attached to 'Part B: Bottom Weight Rod' which we installed in the last step. Make sure the plastic rod is inserted all the way into the receiver. 

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7. In the last step we will conjoin the top banner rod and bottom banner rod and make it rigid using the attachments we installed till this step. Hold the bottom of 'Part C: Top Clamp Rod' firmly and insert it into the receiver slot in the top part of 'Part D: Support Rod'. You will have to bend both rods to achieve this. They are flexible and you can bend them while holding them firmly. Make sure you do not overbend either rod beyond the necessary limit. Once the rod is completely inserted, you can let go of them both. Their spring action will make the banner completely rigid and now the standee will not need any support. 

l banner standee

That's it! The standee is ready for display now. To take it apart, just follow the same steps in reverse order. Next time you can be done with the installation in seconds! Come back to our blogs for more helpful articles regarding our products. You can order this product here.

Team Mudraka

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