How To Setup A Table Top Budget Standee (X Banner Standee)

How To Setup A Table Top Budget Standee (X Banner Standee)

An X Banner Standee or Budget Table Top Standee is a very simple product that is very easy to setup. Follow the below mentioned steps and illustrations to set it up. 

1. There are only 2 parts to this Standee. The X frame and the banner with 4 eyelets (holes) on the corners. 

How to setup an X banner standee


2. Take the X Frame and open up its 4 prongs. Each of these has a hook in it. Straighten out the prongs and ignore the one in the center for now. 

x banner standee on mudraka 


3. Take the banner and hold it with the 2 eyelets on the top side. Make sure you are holding the banner with the correct side up. Now insert the 2 eyelets you are holding into the top two hooks of the frame by bringing together the prongs. 

X Banner Stand - budget price on mudraka


4. Once the top 2 hooks are engaged into the banner, you need to hook the bottom two eyelets. Hold each of the prongs firmly and bend them gently to insert the hook into the eyelet. Make sure you don't bend or stress the prong more than necessary. 

Setup the x banner stand buy online on mudraka


5. Once all 4 hooks are engaged, you can adjust the stand to decide what the incline of the standee should be so that it is stable. 

buy budget x banner standee on mudraka


Once this is done, the standee is ready to display. You can order this standee on Mudraka here.

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