When summer sets in having gatherings in the outdoors become difficult due to the heat. Yes, meetings, gatherings, beach parties, sporting events, barbecue, flea markets and the like can comfortably be held if there is a safe and secure shelter provided like a canopy set up. It can be an overhead covering like a frame or a gazebo which will protect the users from the natural elements. The sizes can vary according to the availability of space and the need. You can have a portable canopy or gazebo that can be set up only when needed or also a permanent one. If it is waterproof it can also provide protection from rain, hail, and snow too.

Present day canopies are not like the ones they used to be in the old days when they had some legs and stakes that had to be set up and tied and fixed to the ground. One needed some tools like hammer also to set them up, then secure them and pound them to the ground. The modern day canopy comes in different types but usually are a unit which has two parts- the tetron fabric or flex and the frame. The frame is either foldable like in a gazebo set or is a set of rods to be made into a frame like in a canopy. These rods then can be fixed to each other horizontally and vertically to form a frame on which you can spread the flex.
Yes, can choose between a canopy or a gazebo according to your need. These are not difficult to set up.
Here are some simple steps on how to set up a canopy or a gazebo to enjoy the summertime on the bucolic surroundings.

1. Preparation
Canopy or gazebo sets come packed in a box or a case. This is done to make transporting easy and also protect them from damage. The initial step is to remove the parts from this case or box. You need to check if any of the components are missing. These are a frame or frame rods and a flex.
You can choose between a plain flex or a printed one, it is your take. The fabric is usually tetron while the frame is powder coated. Check for any delivery or product damages before setting it up.

2. Setting up the frame
The frame is usually foldable and you need to spread it up and place it on the ground that you have chosen to have your event. It may even be some rods and then you need to fix them horizontally and vertically to each other with the help of some angles and brackets provided on each rod and form a frame on which you can spread the flex so that it provides you the required shelter. For the gazebo, it may be only a frame with a shelter but in case of a canopy, it may give the look of a stall.

3. Spreading the fabric
Then spread the fabric that is provided on to the frame starting from the top and then the sides. Then see that there are no wrinkles in any corner. If any are found ease them up to give a neat finish.

4. Fixing the brackets
At each corner of the frame, you will have brackets fix all of these by turns. Your fabric gets fixed to the frame which is firmly standing on to the ground.

The fabric for the printed canopies are ready to use and come with the printed material that you have ordered for. In case of a plain canopy, you will be supplied with a plain flex of the color and size requested by you. On this, you can put up anything of your choice like pamphlets, notice or some promotional items you have.

Canopies are usually used for promotional events whereas gazebos may be preferred for outdoor dining.

Thus getting your canopy or gazebo ready for use for the party, get together, meetings or any of the outdoor event you are good to go and enjoy the event without any hindrance from the natural elements.

Some additional tips for the maintenance of the canopy. If not in use you need to remove your canopy or gazebo. The flex material used may be vulnerable to the natural elements like the sun rays and rain. To make it last longer and for good use of it in the future you need to follow some good maintenance guidelines. So once your event has ended you need to dismantle it carefully. Then pack it up in the case or box provided. Then you need to store it in a safe and secure place where no damage can be caused to it. Doing this will save you a lot of money and effort too.

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