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What we do

What we do

We at Mudraka are passionate about organizing the outdoor advertising printing & fabricating market. We deliver the best quality and cheapest prices for our customers. 

Whether it is an agency, a restaurant or retail establishment owner, an event organizer, a corporate,a large or small brand, a restaurant or retail establishment owner, small or large business owner - we have an outdoor advertising solution for everyone. We ensure transparent rates, good quality and ease of delivery. 

Our products include

  • Flex banners- only banners, with wooden or with metal frame. We can also offer installation support which is currently restricted to NCR
  • Backlit banners - only banners or with fabricated board
  • Standee- Can be rolled up and reused again and again
  • One way vision - Can be used in offices, malls, commercial complexes. It ensures vision from inside but the people outside cannot see inside. It also allows for light to pass through inside.
  • Vinyl- Vinyl comes with a self adhesive which can be pasted on any smooth surface. It can be used inside offices,malls, retail establishments etc
  • Foam Board or Sun board- These come laminated with printed vinyl. This adds body and stiffness to the print. 

For any product query, you can get in touch with us at contact@mudraka.com


Team Mudraka


Team Mudraka

which ink is used in one way vision banner?

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